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Bidding on hotels on Priceline can be a great way to save money right now

hotelsuiteIt is certainly no secret that with the economy down, airlines and hotels have been hurting. Special promotions, great travel deals and coupon codes have made travel deals a plenty lately. This tough economic climate has also made Priceline THE place to score some really amazing deals on hotels. Since hotels are often left with a ton of empty rooms right now (which are then auctioned off at low prices on Priceline), you can score some really amazing deals on nice hotels by biding on them on Priceline right now. Since booking a room for a way discounted price is better than leaving it empty, even 4 and 5 star hotels have been auctioning off rooms at stunningly low prices. See Winning Hotel bids in Top Cities from $28 per night!

Great deals on airfare for your summer vacation

parisnightPerhaps the most depressing part of being an adult€ is that no matter what I do, I will never again experience the pure bliss involved when you hear the school bell ring for the last time for a whole 3 months. The anticipation, the glory, the pure joy of knowing you’re off for THE WHOLE summer to hang out at the pool and eat popsicles just can’t be recreated. So, in efforts to get as close to the euphoria of school’s out for the summer,€ I always like to book a great summer vacation to look forward to. Especially with prices across the travel industry way down this year, you can save mucho dinero by everything from airfare to hotels. Airfare – Choose your EXACT flight & time!

How to Find the Best Travel Deals using Popular Search Engines

openingmonitor.jpgThe Internet has revolutionized the way in which we find airline tickets, hotels and vacation packages. Back in the old days, you had to trudge on over to your local travel agent and wait for them to come up with the prices on your various options. It was time consuming and often you ended getting deals that benefited the travel agents more than they benefited you.

These days anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can be their own travel agent. If you are reading this post, I’m going to bet that you have booked a flight or a hotel or made some other kind of travel arrangement online before. In fact, you might even be an expert.

Regardless if you have booked hundreds of tickets online or if you are still new to the game, there are some things that you should know about how to best utilize the various search sites. If you learn their ins and outs, you can save time and money. Here are some thorough guides to how to search the most popular travel sites.

How to search…..


Cheap Flights to Brazil and South America this Summer

brazildancerblue.jpgLooking for an alternative to the European summer backpacking scene? Instead of looking across the Atlantic, consider a trip south. There are some killer deals on flights to South America this summer. Of course, that means it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere but the season really doesn’t matter when you are talking about visiting a place like Brazil (The weather forecast in Rio de Janeiro is for a high of 83 today, by the way).

No matter the temperatures there is always a party to be found in Brazil. A country of rich geographic and cultural diversity, the one thing that you will find almost anywhere you go in Brazil is people who appreciate a good party. Brazilian music, dancing, and beverages are all reason enough to put anyone in a good mood. Throw in the beaches, the cities and the warmth of the Brazilian people and you can have yourself a wonderful vacation this summer.

If Brazil isn’t your scene, Priceline also has some outstanding deals on flights to Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and other parts of South America. Yes, if I was headed out on a big adventure this summer I would be seriously considering South America.

Cheap Flights to Florida

family_crossing_sign.jpgAs someone who spent his formative years in the Sunshine Sate, it is with some authority that I can tell you that Florida is one crazy story after another. When there aren’t political elections gone awry, alligators chasing after senior citizens and people finding new ways to make a home out of land that was designed to be a swamp, there are stories about all kinds of absurd things. Florida is a light that attracts the crazy moths of the world.

Even with the constant insanity coming from the place, it can still be a wonderful place to visit. The weather is the big draw, of course, but that really is in the winter months only. If you dare to visit Florida when it is 95 degrees with 95% humidity in the summer than you are bound to end up doing something crazy too. So do yourself a favor and visit right now. Spring Break is the best weather of the year and with Spring Training baseball taking place there is always something to do when you are not sitting back and observing all of the craziness around you.

Priceline has a killer deal on flights to the F-L-A, including a round-trip flight from Philadelphia to Fort Lauderdale for $114. Now that’s crazy.

Round-Trip Flights Under $125!

Cheap Winter Flights to Copenhagen, Denmark

copenhagen.jpgThere is a reason that Copenhagen is consistently named as one of the best cities to live in: it rocks. The city is super clean, super safe, super friendly and, well, just all around super. All of the charms that are so appealing to those who live there are also fully on display to travelers paying a visit to Denmark’s capital.

Situated on the eastern shore of the island of Zealand and partly on the island of Amage, Copenhagen was founded as a city for merchant ships. With the early trading, it quickly established itself as a cosmopolitan place that drew upon a wide variety of cultures. That legacy still exists today as you walk down some of its narrow side streets and along the beautiful harbor front. With the construction of the Øresund Bridge, which connects Copenhagen with Malmo, Sweden, the city is now a gateway to Scandinavia.

Flights to Copenhagen are often more expensive than they are to Stockholm or Oslo, but at the moment you can fly there for considerably less than many parts of Europe. Priceline has a deal where you can fly from New York to Copenhagen for less than $450 if you travel before March 21, 2007.

Even in the cold months of winter when the sun is just a fleeting object in the sky, everyone loves Copenhagen. You will too.

Chicago is your kind of town if you don’t fish in your Pajamas

fish-pajamas.JPGChicago is often called the “Second City,” but if you spend any amount of time there you’ll learn that there is nothing second-rate about the place. The busy financial, business and cultural capital of the American Heartland, Chicago is cosmopolitan cool and an excellent place to spend a long weekend or two.

While you undoubtedly know a bit about the Windy City and all of its famous sites, here are a few facts that will impress your friends and help assure that you to have the time of your life while you are there.

  • In Chicago, it is a criminal offense for anyone except a police officer to use a slingshot.
  • There is a Chicago law that makes it illegal for male Chicagoans to fish in their pajamas.
  • If you ever decide to go to a dance in Chicago, make sure you don’t take a nap on the dance floor, or you could get arrested.
  • It is illegal for Chicago residents to take their French poodles to the opera.
  • The first automobile race ever seen in the United States was held in Chicago in 1895. The track ran from Chicago to Evanston, Illinois. The winner was J. Frank Duryea, whose average speed was 7 miles per hour.

One final fact: Priceline will hook you up with a cheap flight to Chicago if you act before January 23, 2006. If you need an affordable place to stay and where it is okay to where your pajamas, use the hostel search to find the very best Chicago area hostels.

Sunshine Vacation Packages on Sale: It’s ok to stare at the sun

pb_dontstareatthesun.JPGAs I sit here staring out the window at the 1,234th straight day of gray clouds, I can’t help but wonder if the sun has disappeared for good. I also can’t help but feel a bit on envy towards those of you who are wearing sunglasses and sitting by the pool while you are reading this blog. Your golden tan skin is the essence of good health. Your carefree attitude the sign of relaxation. There are no bags under your eyes. You are not tired. You will live forever.

While that fantasy is playing on continuous loop in my mind, allow me to present a sunny deal for those who are not so fortunate to live in warm weather climes. From now until December 10, 2006, Priceline is offering steep discounts on flights and hotels vacation packages to warm, delightfully sunny locations. We’re talking mega bucks off of trips to Hawaii, Florida, Central America and the Caribbean. Whether you are in the mood for a short little weekend getaway or a full on vacation, this is a great opportunity to reintroduce yourself to the sun.

With the money you’ll save, you could even invest in a home tanning lamp so that you get enough Vitamin E (or is it Vitamin D?) all year long.

Bob Marley wants you to go to Jamaica

marley.jpgHey mon, Jamaica is a cool place to kick back and enjoy life at the slowest possible pace. The sun, the sand, the spliff . . . what more could you want from a holiday vacation?

October is the month to get a deal on a vacation in Jamaica. Priceline is offering up flights and a 3-night hotel stay for just a few hundred bucks. The catch is that you have to travel on a Monday, which happens to be a great day to travel is you ask me. Sure beats sitting in an office wishing it was the weekend all over again.

The offer goes up in smoke on September 24, so be a good buffalo soldier and go ahead and make your reservation before then. Your college roommate who had the Bob Marley poster hanging above his head would be so proud of you.

All the Virgins are Headed to London

40YOVirgin.jpgI can almost taste the crumpets and tea right now. Flights to London are getting cheaper by the moment. Virgin Atlantic has a sweet deal that will fly you across the pond from spots on the East Coast for under $300. That’s cheaper than flying across the country! Think of all the money you’ll have to spend on pints of beer and evenings hanging out with the royal family.

The travel window for this deal is fairly generous, with the standard blackouts around holiday time still in effect.

As a huge soccer fan, I am tempted to pick up a ticket myself and head to the UK for a long weekend of footie fun. What are you waiting for? The werewolves of London are calling your name.