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Valentine’s Day Travel Deals

valday2There are plenty of arguments – good ones, too – for treating every day like Valentine’s Day. Any day other than February 14th isn’t marketed to death, for starters, and if you honor your sweetheart with a romantic getaway in (let’s say) April you’ll score extra points. But if you’ve still got to deliver something amazing on Valentine’s Day itself, then do your bank account a favor and look for Valentine’s Day travel deals.

Yes, come February Valentine’s Day travel deals abound – from a quick overnight escape to a posh hotel nearby to an extended break on a deserted island. So even if you haven’t noticed, chances are good your sweetie has. But are those deals really deals? How can you find the best prices on airfare for Valentine’s Day? We’ll take a look at some of the best ways to find Valentine’s Day travel deals in this article.

>> In 2012, Valentine’s Day is a Tuesday.

Romantic Travel Deals

They say there’s no better way to test a relationship than by traveling with someone. If the relationship passes the test, you’re in store for a lifetime of great travel memories shared with someone you love, not to mention the discounts that come from traveling as a couple.

If the relationship doesn’t pass the test, well – that’s another story… But let’s focus on the positive, shall we?

Solo travelers may have to keep their eyes open for the dreaded term “single supplement,” but traveling couples are lucky in that so many travel specials are geared toward people traveling in pairs. The articles linked here are all about helping you save money on a romantic trip with your sweetheart – or just saving money on a trip with a companion.

Couples Travel Tips

Ask anyone who regularly travels solo why they do, and inevitably one of the things that comes up is that they don’t have to consult with anyone else on their plans – they simply do what they like, when they like. But for those who travel with a significant other, traveling as a couple can give you the opportunity to grow both individually and together – assuming, that is, that you’re willing to compromise.

Traveling with a loved one can be the ultimate test of a relationship, and in some cases it can tell you whether your future adventures will be solo ones while your sweetheart stays home. Traveling as a couple takes work, just as any aspect of being in a relationship takes work, but that doesn’t have to detract from your ability to enjoy your vacation.

>> Couples travel deals

Couples Travel Deals

There will probably always be some debate about whether it’s better to travel on your own or with someone else, but the truth lies – as it so often does – somewhere in between. One thing that makes traveling with another person a good idea, however, is that you can save money. As counter-intuitive as it might seem, finding couples travel deals is often easier than finding solo travel deals.

Most package trips, cruises, and resorts cater to couples, whether they advertise it that way or not. Room rates are typically based on “double occupancy,” which obviously favors people traveling in a pair, and it’s solo travelers who have to figure out how to avoid the single supplement.

At the same time, however, by simply naming a particular special a “couples travel deal” it’s easy for a resort or cruise to make it look like they’re offering great luxury travel deals when they’re not. And if you’re in the mood for a romantic trip, the right marketing can cause you to overlook the fact that the whole thing might be overpriced to begin with.

Romantic Paris Getaways

paris-arch.jpgNothing says romance more than a few night in Paris. The City of Lights has a majestic spell that makes hearts go all aflutter. Whether your relationship is still young and exciting or if it simply needs a little bit of new spice, a vacation in Paris might be just the ticket. Orbitz is offering some nice deals on romantic vacation packages in Paris that will make your significant other swoon without doing too much damage to your bank account.

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