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Bumbershoot Travel Deals

bumbershoot3Washington State music lovers kick off the summer with the Sasquatch Music Festival in the Columbia Gorge each May, and they zip up to Seattle for the summer-ending Bumbershoot music-and-arts festival to bookend the season. Summers in the Pacific Northwest are all about enjoying as much of the nice weather as possible, since it doesn’t last long, so it’s a great excuse for people outside the state to come visit, too.

Bumbershoot started in Seattle in 1971, and has been a Labor Day weekend fixture since 1977. Festival-goers are regularly treated to local talent on the stage, but Bumbershoot has grown enough in stature over the decades to also attract big acts from all over the world. The “arts” part of the festival includes things like independent films, dance performances, poetry slams, and street performers, and there are plenty of vendors selling a variety of foods and arty souvenirs.

Incidentally, the word “bumbershoot” means “umbrella,” and that’s worth noting. Labor Day weekend in Seattle is usually perfectly lovely – but this is the Pacific Northwest, so anything could happen. People in this part of the world don’t let a little rain keep them from enjoying their festivals, however, so the show will most certainly go on – rain or shine.

>> Bumbershoot takes place each yer over Labor Day weekend 

August Travel Deals

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the month of August usually means one thing – that there’s only a month left of summer. That’s only a month left to cram in as many getaways as humanly possible before school and work schedules conspire to keep you indoors.

Of course, throughout much of the world, August is a semi-official month-long holiday. Throughout Europe there are “on vacation” signs up in cities big and small all month long as people escape the heat of the city for more temperate places like beaches or mountains.

In other words, why not take your cue from so many others and take advantage of the last few weeks of summer for a vacation of your own?

If you’ve got your sights set on an August trip but you don’t have unlimited resources, it’s important to do your research in advance so you don’t pay too much for your trip. Yes, you can find August travel deals, you just need to know where to look.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Travel Deals

fringe1Edinburgh is a popular enough place to visit any time of the year, but for most of the month of August the city is transformed into one gigantic open-air arts festival. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe – lovingly known simply as “The Fringe” – is the biggest arts festival anywhere, and rather than being just a fancy festival with art or theatre exhibits behind closed doors, The Fringe spills out into the streets of Edinburgh, so that everywhere you look there’s performance art going on. It’s a feast for the senses.

Because the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh is so popular, however, it can make planning a trip to Edinburgh in August quite complicated – not to mention expensive. Hotels and hostels book up well in advance, for instance, and even if you’re on the ball and book ahead of time you’re going to notice the room rates are higher than normal. But perhaps the biggest expense of your trip to Edinburgh – especially if you’re traveling from far away – is going to be your airfare. Not only is the Festival Fringe a big draw for thousands of people, it also falls right in the midst of the peak tourist season in Europe. That’s two counts against anyone who’s a budget traveler.

Still, there are ways to find Edinburgh Festival Fringe travel deals, and we’ve talked about some of them in a series of articles this past week. You’ll find links to those articles below – including what airports to fly into if you’re coming to Edinburgh from overseas, and how to find cheap airfare no matter which airport you’re flying into.

Lollapalooza Travel Deals

lollapalooza4Even if you’re old enough to remember Lollapalooza as a touring summer music festival, the current incarnation of the event bears such little resemblance to the original that it’s worth checking it out again. And if you’re just a fan of music and you didn’t know Lollapalooza was ever anything but a big music festival in Chicago, then ignore the previous statement’s reminiscing and carry on.

Since 2005, Lollapalooza has been a three-day music festival held in Chicago’s Grant Park, featuring live performances by some of the top musical acts from around the world. The 2005 event wasn’t huge in terms of the number of attendees, but more recent years have brought in enough festival-goers (and money) that Chicago has agreed to host the festival through 2018.

Music lovers who already live in or near Chicago are lucky to not need much guidance when it comes to travel tips for Lollapalooza – but for the rest of us, here are links to some articles that will help you save money on your flight to Lollapalooza, scope out alternative airports in search of better deals, and figure out how to get there.

>> When is Lollapalooza in 2012? It’s the weekend of August 3-5. 

Burning Man Travel Deals

burningman2One of the rites of passage for many travelers is going to the famous Burning Man party in the Nevada desert at least once in their lives. The event is one part community building, one part performance art, and one part off-the-grid living – and although there are often musical or other artistic performances, the only scheduled event is the burning of the giant wooden statue that gives the annual party its name.

For the uninitiated, however, the first problem of planning a trip to Burning Man is how to actually plan your trip. It takes place in the middle of the Nevada desert, there’s no official transportation organized from any nearby airports, and since one of the themes of Burning Man tends to be “self-reliance” it’s not always easy to figure out how to travel to Burning Man.

In this series of articles, you’ll find some information to help you plan your Burning Man trip – from how to find cheap airfare to Burning Man, what airports are close by, and how to get to the Burning Man site from where you are.

>> When is Burning Man? In 2012 it runs from August 29-September 5.

Frontier Airlines: Fares for Summer and Fall


Summer is the most popular time to travel. And it’s also when the majority of us manage to get enough days off to plan a vacation. But summer travel also means you’ll be racking some money for airfare and accommodation. Thanks to carriers such as Frontier Airlines, flying during summer and early fall is actually affordable now.

Book your ticket by May 12, 2011 for travel until October 5, 2011. Advance purchase required.

Some of the routes on sale are:

  • Atlanta to Colorado Springs $159
  • Denver to Colorado Springs $69
  • Denver to Salt Lake City $69
  • Denver to Las Vegas $79
  • Houston to Aspen $124
  • Los Angeles to Grand Rapids $154
  • New York to Green Bay $129
  • Portland to Denver $108
  • Portland to Durango $164

Fares shown are each way for flights operating on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tickets are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Read more details on the airline’s official site. And make sure to check out the airline’s Twitter account as well.

Read more Frontier Airlines Flight Deals.

July Travel Deals

For many people, July is the height of the travel season – it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere, that initial giddyness of being out of school or looking at a slightly diminished workload has passed, and it’s time to enjoy the long days before the intense heat of August sets in. The trouble is that so many people are having the exact same thought that finding July travel deals can be a bit more troublesome than you might want.

There are opportunities to find great deals on travel in July, but it will take a bit more sleuthing than a trip in – for instance – January or March, and may require you to be more flexible with your destination wish-list and your travel itinerary. Of course, if you don’t want to be flexible and don’t have time to plan ahead, that doesn’t mean you can’t travel in July – it just means you’ll be paying more for the privilege.

June Travel Deals

In the Northern Hemisphere, June marks the start of the summer travel season. Work schedules for many people slow down a bit, and the kids are out of school – it’s no wonder it’s such a popular time to travel. But as anyone who has tried to plan a trip in June knows, this is also when prices on things like airfare and hotel rooms goes way up. It becomes significantly more difficult to find cheap international flights for June trips than it was to find cheap flights in April or even early May.

Does this mean you throw in the towel and abandon the idea of a June trip altogether? Of course not. It may mean you’ve got to budget a bit more for your vacation, but if you plan well enough in advance you can track down June travel deals that will help you avoid paying full price for your trip.

Milwaukee Summerfest Travel Deals

summerfest3In a summer calendar crowded with summer music festivals, Summerfest in Milwaukee is one not to be missed. It’s an 11-day festival that’s been running since 1968, and when it calls itself the “world’s largest music festival” that’s not just talk – that was actually certified by those Guinness record-keeping folks more than 10 years ago.

Appropriately nicknamed “The Big Gig,” Milwaukee’s Summerfest runs annually from the end of June through the beginning of July – and it brings in top-notch musical talent from several different musical genres, so there’s sure to be something to just about everyone’s taste. Not only that, Summerfest has included stand-up comedy since 1975, so you can get a few laughs in between bands.

For anyone outside the Milwaukee area, the first order of business if you’re interested in traveling to Summerfest is figuring out all the deatils about a trip. In the articles linked below, you’ll find all the information you need to plan a trip to Summerfest in Milwaukee – from figuring out which airport to use to finding cheap airfare to learning how to get to the festival once you’ve landed.

>> When is Summerfest in Milwaukee? In 2012, it’s from June 27 – July 8 (closed Monday)

How to Get to Milwaukee Summerfest

summerfest4Sometimes a rural location for a big annual festival makes the “how do I get there?” question critical. But even if the festival you’re planning to attend is in a big city – like Milwaukee’s Summerfest – that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still ask the question, “how do I get there?”

The location for Summerfest is a 75-acre area that’s right on Lake Michigan in downtown Milwaukee. It’s thankfully very easy to reach by public transportation, which means that unless you’re flying in from an airport without good connections to Milwaukee you probably won’t even have to rent a car.

Here’s a run-down on all the different means of transport (well, the major ones, anyway!) that you can use to get to Summerfest in Milwaukee.

>> When is Summerfest in Milwaukee? In 012, it’s from June 27 – July 8 (closed Monday)