Valentine’s Day - Travel Deals

Valentine’s Day Travel Deals

valday2There are plenty of arguments – good ones, too – for treating every day like Valentine’s Day. Any day other than February 14th isn’t marketed to death, for starters, and if you honor your sweetheart with a romantic getaway in (let’s say) April you’ll score extra points. But if you’ve still got to deliver something amazing on Valentine’s Day itself, then do your bank account a favor and look for Valentine’s Day travel deals.

Yes, come February Valentine’s Day travel deals abound – from a quick overnight escape to a posh hotel nearby to an extended break on a deserted island. So even if you haven’t noticed, chances are good your sweetie has. But are those deals really deals? How can you find the best prices on airfare for Valentine’s Day? We’ll take a look at some of the best ways to find Valentine’s Day travel deals in this article.

>> In 2012, Valentine’s Day is a Tuesday.

How to Find Cheap Valentine’s Day Airfare

valday1Valentine’s Day may be one of the most maligned holidays of the year. If you’re single, it’s annoying to hear about lovebirds. If you’re in a relationship, there’s always the question of how “big” to go for Valentine’s Day. And to some people, it feels like a holiday that’s been taken over by Hallmark and turned into the antithesis of a romantic occasion.

But here’s the thing – whether you’re in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day is a recognized holiday for which the travel industry typically offers specific travel deals. So if you’re into travel, you’d be crazy not to at least look at them. And when the President’s Day holiday falls right after Valentine’s Day, you’ve got yet another excuse to take a long weekend. Who doesn’t like long weekends?

Here are some tips to help you find cheap airfare for Valentine’s Day trips.

>> Valentine’s Day 2012 falls on a Tuesday.

Nothing Says Romance More than a Transatlantic Flight

airplane-couple.jpgThe stale air, the cramped legroom, the elbow of the person next to you firmly planted in your ribcage, the feeling of losing your stomach with an elevation loss¦nothing is more romantic that strapping yourself into a seat and putting your life in the hands of a pilot as he guides a plane 50,000-feet above the ground, right?

You could probably come up with a few more romantic ways to spend Valentine’s Day. Clipping each other’s toenails, watching reruns of American Idol, going for a 100-mile run together those are all options that might beat out a trip aboard a conventional airplane. Another option is a trip aboard an airplane that is anything but conventional. Here is how Eos Airlines would like you to spend the big day:

Eos Airlines, which provides superior
premium service to international business travelers by serving fewer
people better, promises to be the world’s most romantic airline  (for
one day at least) with special Valentine’s Day flights between New York
and London. For starters, couples will enjoy restaurant-style,
face-to-face dining an amenity available on every Eos flight
throughout the year, because of the airline’s unique cabin
configuration, which features just 48 suites on 757 aircraft
originally designed for 220 passengers. During their flight, guests will
enjoy special amenities including Godiva chocolates, Taittinger
champagne, and long-stemmed roses delivered by the crew. Eos will also
award one free round-trip ticket for a future Eos flight to a lucky
guest on each Valentine’s Day flight.

After dinner, Eos’ attendants will provide turndown service on demand,
as couples settle in to sleep side-by-side in adjacent suites, each
featuring 6’6€ fully horizontal beds, full size down pillows and
comforters/duvets, and Bose® noise canceling headsets. Each suite offers
21 square feet of personal space, and individual aisle access. Plenty of
room for a man to kneel on bended knee, if there was a certain question
he had been meaning to ask!

On second thought, an airplane flight does seem a bit romantic after all. You can even show your significant other how much she is loved by offering her your barf bag.