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Edinburgh Festival Fringe Travel Deals

fringe1Edinburgh is a popular enough place to visit any time of the year, but for most of the month of August the city is transformed into one gigantic open-air arts festival. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe – lovingly known simply as “The Fringe” – is the biggest arts festival anywhere, and rather than being just a fancy festival with art or theatre exhibits behind closed doors, The Fringe spills out into the streets of Edinburgh, so that everywhere you look there’s performance art going on. It’s a feast for the senses.

Because the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh is so popular, however, it can make planning a trip to Edinburgh in August quite complicated – not to mention expensive. Hotels and hostels book up well in advance, for instance, and even if you’re on the ball and book ahead of time you’re going to notice the room rates are higher than normal. But perhaps the biggest expense of your trip to Edinburgh – especially if you’re traveling from far away – is going to be your airfare. Not only is the Festival Fringe a big draw for thousands of people, it also falls right in the midst of the peak tourist season in Europe. That’s two counts against anyone who’s a budget traveler.

Still, there are ways to find Edinburgh Festival Fringe travel deals, and we’ve talked about some of them in a series of articles this past week. You’ll find links to those articles below – including what airports to fly into if you’re coming to Edinburgh from overseas, and how to find cheap airfare no matter which airport you’re flying into.

Burning Man Travel Deals

burningman2One of the rites of passage for many travelers is going to the famous Burning Man party in the Nevada desert at least once in their lives. The event is one part community building, one part performance art, and one part off-the-grid living – and although there are often musical or other artistic performances, the only scheduled event is the burning of the giant wooden statue that gives the annual party its name.

For the uninitiated, however, the first problem of planning a trip to Burning Man is how to actually plan your trip. It takes place in the middle of the Nevada desert, there’s no official transportation organized from any nearby airports, and since one of the themes of Burning Man tends to be “self-reliance” it’s not always easy to figure out how to travel to Burning Man.

In this series of articles, you’ll find some information to help you plan your Burning Man trip – from how to find cheap airfare to Burning Man, what airports are close by, and how to get to the Burning Man site from where you are.

>> When is Burning Man? In 2012 it runs from August 29-September 5.

Summer Festivals Travel Deals

summerfestivalThis is the time of year when cities all over the world play host to a fantastic array of music and art festivals. Summer is the perfect season to get outside and enjoy live music, if for no other reason than these summer music festivals routinely have some of the best lineups music lovers will find anywhere.

Sure, if you don’t live in the towns hosting them you’ll have to travel to see them – but with one trip to any one of the destinations listed below, you’ll be able to take in several musical acts, theatre and performance art shows, art exhibits, or just general showcasing of personal creative talent. And thankfully with the information about summer travel deals collected in the links below, traveling to any of these summer festivals doesn’t have to break the bank.

We’ve listed the various summer festivals below by the month they take place in, and for more information about each one you can click on the link. If your favorite summer festival isn’t listed here, let us know in the comments below so we can add it to our list!

How to Get to Burning Man

burningman5Any event that takes place in the middle of a desert is going to bring up the same question for people who haven’t been before – how do I get there? – and Burning Man is no different. To make matters a little more complicated, unlike other similar summer festivals that aren’t right in the middle of an urban area, Burning Man doesn’t have an official shuttle of any kind running out to the festival site from area airports. To be fair, the nearest commercial airport is almost 130 miles away – so to have a regular shuttle would be a major endeavor. Still, it means that the question of how to get to Burning Man is a big one for many attendees.

The Burning Man website states in no uncertain terms that it’s your responsibility to get yourself out to the festival site (otherwise known as the playa), and since there’s no train or bus that runs out there that means you’ll need to travel at least the last part via car or some other kind of motorized vehicle. Carpooling is encouraged, and once you’re parked at your campsite you’re asked not to use your car to get around the festival site.

But even if you’re carpooling with friends from your rendez-vous point, how you get to that meeting place can vary. Here are your options for how to get to Burning Man.

>> When is Burning Man? In 2012 it’s from August 29-September 5.

Airports to Use for Burning Man

burningman6Usually, the first order of business whenever you travel is to find out what airport is closest to your destination, and then book your flight there. But when your destination is in the middle of the Nevada desert nowhere near an airport, things get a little more complicated.

So if you’re traveling to Burning Man, your first order of business may be figuring out which airport you’re going to be flying into.

The Burning Man organizers list the Reno airport on their website as being the closest large airport to the Burning Man site, but since there’s no official shuttle back and forth from any airport to the festival site and you’ll need to carpool anyway, there are a few other (and bigger) airports you might want to consider flying into. Just having more than one airport to choose from can help you find a better deal on airfare, and chances are pretty good you’ll be able to find people flying into any of these airports who are headed toward Burning Man and you can carpool with.

Here, then, are some of the airports near Burning Man that you might consider using for your trip.

>> Burning Man 2012 is August 29-September 5

How to Find Cheap Airfare to Burning Man

burningman1Let’s just say you’ve heard tales of a week-long festival in the desert where people enjoy an anything-goes attitude, release their inner performance artist, and cap the week off by burning a giant sculpture of a man. This event appeals to your bohemian side, but you don’t live anywhere near the Nevada desert – so that means you’ll need to book a flight. But just how do you find cheap airfare to Burning Man, anyway?

Burning Man may take place in what can accurately be called “the middle of nowhere” – the deserts of northern Nevada – but it’s actually reasonably close to the Reno-Tahoe airport. If you’re close enough to hop into a carpool with other Burning Man attendees, that’s great – but if you’re not, having an airport nearby means you can at least get closer before you have to seek out a carpool.

Because Burning Man takes place over a popular holiday weekend each year, and because the airport that’s nearest is also close to a popular weekend travel destination, finding cheap airfare to Burning Man might take a bit more work than you would otherwise anticipate. The tips listed below will help you find cheap flights to Burning Man – and they’re also useful for finding cheap airfare almost no matter when or where you’re traveling.

>> Burning Man 2012 is from August 29 through September 5

How to Get to Edinburgh Festival Fringe

fringe4No matter where you’re coming from to go to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, you have one thing in common with everyone else who will be there – you need to figure out how to get to Edinburgh from where you are. If you’re coming from overseas, that could mean flying to Edinburgh Airport and getting a shuttle into the city. If you’re coming from England or Scotland, that could mean taking a train or coach to Edinburgh.

Whichever method of transportation – or combination of methods – you need to use, it’s a good idea to have as much of it sorted out before you’re supposed to leave home for the festival. This is a massive event, so it may not work to just hope that you find a train ticket or an available rental car when and where you need them.

Here are your options for how to get to Edinburgh for the Festival Fringe.

>> The 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe runs from 3-27 August
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Airports to Use for Edinburgh Fringe Festival

fringe2Anyone who’s traveling to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from far away will no doubt immediately search for flights to Edinburgh, assuming flying into the city named in the festival title is your best and only option. It may be the most convenient airport to fly into, but it’s definitely not the only choice you have – and when you’re hunting for the cheapest airfare you can find, having more choices is always a good thing.

Here are the airports you might want to consider when you’re looking for cheap flights to Edinburgh for the Festival Fringe. With any of the airports listed below, it’s a good idea to look at what it would cost to book your trip directly to that airport from your home airport – but don’t stop there. Also look at flights into other major European hub airports – like London, Dublin, Paris, or Amsterdam – and then look for cheap flights into Edinburgh (or the other airports listed below) from there.

You may find an excellent deal on a flight into one of those other major European hubs, and because there are so many budget airlines in Europe you stand a good chance of finding a great deal on a short flight from there to Edinburgh or Glasgow or one of the other airports listed below. The things to keep in mind when you’re considering this option are that it does require more planning on your part, since you don’t have one ticket taking care of all your flights, and you’ll also want to take into account the cost of any ground transportation you need to incorporate into your plan. If the cost of the ground transport outweighs the savings of flying into a different country, then it’s probably not worth the hassle.

>> The 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe runs from 3-27 August
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How to Find Cheap Airfare to Edinburgh Festival Fringe

fringe3Edinburgh is probably the most popular place to visit in Scotland at any time of the year, but during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe the city explodes with hundreds of thousands of people who flood in from all over the world to take place in the biggest arts festival on earth.

Getting tickets to the events isn’t as hard as you’d think – there are performances going on all day every day for three weeks straight, not to mention street performances that require no admission whatsoever – so for many the biggest hurdle to seeing the Festival Fringe is the airfare to get there. Finding cheap airfare to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival can be challenging, given that it’s right in the midst of the high season and also a popular European destination.

Here are some tips that should help you find cheap airfare to Edinburgh for the Festival Fringe – and they’re also tips that will help you find cheap airfare almost anywhere you’re going, whenever you’re traveling.

>> The 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe runs from 3-27 August