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Where to Go When

Sometimes you have a particular vacation destination in mind when you decide to take a trip. Sometimes you just know you’ll have a window of opportunity at a specific time and you need to know where to go then. And sometimes you’re planning a trip to a certain place that’s only accessible or best during a few months of the year.

Whatever description suits you best, we’ve got a series of articles here to help you figure out where to go when.

Click on each of the month-specific articles linked below for suggestions on places that are good options for trips during those months. We tried to pick places that aren’t necessarily at their peak during that month, but that are still good for traveling in – and we chose a few cold weather destinations for each month for those of you who can’t bear to wait until the winter in your neck of the woods.

>> Looking for more information about what’s happening around the world throughout the year? Check out our holiday travel calendar to see when big events and major holidays occur.

Presidents Day Travel Deals

It’s highly unlikely that the first U.S. president planned his birthday so that we could get a three-day weekend in the middle of February – right when we’re not sure we can hang on until the spring thaw – but we can certainly offer him a silent “thank you” as we take advantage of President’s Day weekend to plan a quick getaway.

President’s Day weekend is a three-day weekend for many Americans, since the holiday itself is a federal one. But even if you’re among the lucky people to have this day off of work, remember that you’re not alone – and any holiday travel can result in higher prices for things like hotel rooms and airfare (not to mention bigger crowds at many of the popular vacation destinations). So it’s important to do a bit of homework to make sure you save money on your trip.

It’s also worth pointing out that some years, President’s Day falls very close to Valentine’s Day. Whenever that’s the case, it makes travel planning a bit more complicated because you’re competing with not only the opportunistic travelers looking for any three-day weekend but also with the lovebirds trying to impress their significant others.

>> President’s Day in 2012 is Monday, February 20.

How to Find Cheap Airfare for Presidents Day Weekend

Travel lovers will take any excuse presented to take a trip, regardless of how short – but even something as quick as a three-day weekend can be enough time to recharge your proverbial batteries. This is why plenty of people who pay absolutely no attention to politics have an affinity for President’s Day weekend.

President’s Day falls on the third Monday in February each year, making it appealing for two reasons. First, it’s a U.S. federal holiday, which means many people automatically get a three-day weekend out of it. Second, it falls in mid-February, which for many is one of the dreariest months of the year. It’s the ideal time to plan a quick getaway to escape the late-winter doldrums.

Because it’s a federal holiday, however, President’s Day weekend can mean bigger crowds and higher prices – so it’s worth it to spend a little time in advance researching a trip to make sure you don’t pay too much for airfare.

>> President’s Day in 2012 is on Monday, February 20.

Where to Go in February: What’s “in season” in February?

Many people think they can handle a long, cold winter when it’s December and they’re distracted by the holidays. But when the end of January rolls around and it’s still just as cold (if not colder), and there’s still quite a long time before you think you’ve got any hope of thawing out, it might be time to consider a getaway to take your mind off of the weather.

There are some places that make excellent travel destinations in February – either because they’re warm year-round or because it’s their “peak” season in February. Sometimes this will mean they’re more expensive and popular in February, too, but if it’s the weather you’re focused on then that may not matter.

Of course, if you’re not looking for a tropical beach in February but are just wanting to get away from your work-a-day routine, there are some options for a cold weather getaway listed at the end of this article, too. It’s not all about finding the sun in February, although for many it is.

>> Here are some tips to find February travel deals, including how to get Valentine’s Day travel deals.

Here are some of the best places to go in February.

Winter Holidays Travel Deals

For some people, winter is a time to stay home and hang out with family – for others, it’s a time to enjoy the low prices offered by the travel industry to destinations where the weather might be a little on the chilly side. Whichever camp you fall into, it’s likely that you’ll be planning a trip during the winter. Yes, even those of you who are all about family around the holidays are probably going to be forced to book a flight or a night in a hotel room in order to see all your loved ones.

No matter why you’re planning a trip over the winter, the best thing you can do to avoid paying a fortune for your travels is to arm yourself with knowledge before you book anything. And that’s where we come in.

Below, you’ll find a list of the major holidays and events that take place over the winter months, with links to more information about how to save money on your trip.

February Travel Deals

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere whose birthdays fall in February, repeatedly hearing that February is the dreariest month of the year – regardless of whether it’s true or not – is never fun. We understand, the cold weather or dampness has finally gotten to be too much, and the distractions of holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are long past, so it’s only natural that you’d be itching to get away from it all by February. We fully support the February travel idea – just stop telling February birthday people how dreary the month is, okay?

In all seriousness, February can be an excellent time to travel, because it’s still the low season in many parts of the world – including quite popular ones – so you’re more likely to find great February travel deals.