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St. Patrick’s Day Travel Deals

stpaddys3Recently we’ve covered a few different aspects of traveling for St. Patrick’s Day, all aimed at helping you save money on your trip. But since you may not be checking in every single day we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on any of the advice we’ve been doling out. So you can consider this your “table of contents” to all our St. Patrick’s Day travel information, if you like.

This particular post is also going to be useful in that it’s got links to articles that aren’t just related to St. Patrick’s Day, but are full of great tips to help you save money on airfare anyway – so even if you were paying attention to all the St. Patrick’s Day travel deals posts, you might not have seen these.

Have a grand time celebrating St. Patrick’s Day – wherever you are – and have an extra green beer (or 7) with all the money we helped you save on your airline ticket!

>> March 17 is on a Saturday in 2012. 

How to Find Cheap Coachella Airfare

coachella3Let’s face it – the people who go to the Coachella Music Festival aren’t generally the type who jet-set around the globe and have money to burn on airline tickets. So if you can’t drive all the way to the festival, that means you’ve got to fly to a nearby airport and then find ground transportation to Indio. Luckily for you, you’ve got a few airports to choose from – which means your chances of finding cheap airfare to the Coachella Festival are pretty good.

But the multitude of airports near Coachella isn’t the only way to get a cheap flight to the music festival. In this article, we’ll go over the tips you’ll need to find the best price on an air ticket to Coachella – and many of these tips will come in handy no matter where or when you’re looking for cheap fares for other trips, too.

>> In 2012, Coachella runs from April  13 – 15 and 20-22.

How to Find Cheap St. Patrick’s Day Airfare

stpaddys1You may not be Irish, but on St. Patrick’s Day you can pretend you are. Sure, it might feel more authentic if you don’t have to pretend, but after a few green beers on March 17th no one seems to care what your heritage is anymore anyway.

But unless you’re lucky enough to already live in one of the best places to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you might want to take a few days off and jet your way to a city that knows how to throw a St. Paddy’s Day party. Of course, the problem with that is the fact that so many people are thinking the exact same thing – and trying to fly to the exact same cities.

Any time there’s a holiday big enough to warrant big traveling crowds, the airlines (cleverly) jack up airfare. So can you still take off somewhere fun for St. Patrick’s Day without paying too much for your ticket? Yes, you can – and we’re here to tell you how.

In truth, finding cheap airfare for St. Patrick’s Day involves many of the same techniques that any holiday travel does – but unless you’re a frequent traveler you may not know all the things to look for. These tips will help you find St. Patrick’s Day travel deals, and will also serve you well no matter when or where you’re traveling in the future.

Here are our top tips for how to find cheap St. Patrick’s Day airfare.

>> March 17 is on a Saturday in 2012. 

How to Find Cheap Airfare for Spring Break

springbreak1Spring Break is more than just a week-long hiatus from classes – for many young people, it’s a rite of passage. Even if you took Spring Break trips during high school, there’s nothing quite like Spring Break travel when you’re in college – already away from your parents, and making travel plans independently.

There are positives and negatives to this freedom, of course. On the down side, you’re not necessarily as travel savvy as your elders might be, and therefore not as good at searching out the best possible Spring Break travel deals. On the plus side, however, there are lots of great discounts available for students and young people in general. It’s a travel perk with an expiration date, so take advantage of it while you can!

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the ways to find cheap airfare when you’re planning your Spring Break trips as a student. Because even though you’re entitled to some discounts as a student, it still pays to look for ways to save even more.

>> When is Spring Break? Depends what school you go to – but for most people, it’ll be the first or second week of March. 

Chinese New Year Travel Deals

cny3Whether the Chinese New Year has a special cultural significance for you or you’re just looking for another holiday to celebrate with a trip somewhere, we’re here for you. We’ve published a few articles recently about how to save money on your airfare for a Chinese New Year trip, and also about some of the best places around the world to go for the holiday.

But rather than risk you missing out on one of the articles we’ve already published, we’ve put together this round-up that includes links to all of them so you won’t miss a thing. We’ve also included links to other more general tips that will still help you save money on your travels.

And the good news is that even if you miss out on celebrating Chinese New Year in grand style this year, it comes around every year about this time – so you’ve got many more chances to get it right.

>> Chinese New Year in 2012 is on February 3

How to Find Cheap Airfare for Chinese New Year

cny2Traditionally speaking, the Chinese New Year is a time when families get together and celebrate the new year. But more recently, it’s also become a time for more public celebrations including parades and fireworks. It doesn’t matter whether you’re more traditional or modern when it comes to Chinese New Year, however, since if you’re going to be traveling you still want to get the best deal you can find.

>> Chinese New Year is on February 3, 2012

For those of you who have one particular destination in mind for your Chinese New Year travels, you might have to be a bit more crafty when it comes to hunting down cheap airfare. Anyone who’s just looking for a great place to celebrate can compare airfare to several different cities and just pick the cheapest one.

But no matter which group you’re in, the tips listed in this article will help you find cheap airfare for Chinese New Year trips – and they’ll serve you well whenever you’re looking for cheap airfare, too.

Finding Cheap Trips in the Summer

summer4Let’s say you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to run with the crowd. You’re the sort of traveler who prefers to hit any place others might call “out of the way” instead of destinations listed as “popular.” But despite your contrarian ways, your only opportunity for a vacation is smack dab in the middle of the summer when everyone and their brother is also taking a trip somewhere.

Now, your choices are to skip the trip altogether or to make the best of it and plan to travel anyway. So if you’re in the second camp (and you should be), then here are some tips to help you avoid the worst of the summer crowds – and to help you save money on your summer trip while you’re at it.

>> Don’t miss how to find cheap summer airfare, and in case you want to be where everyone else is you might want to learn more about finding summer travel deals to popular places.

How to Find Cheap Summer Airfare

summer1Travel experts can talk until they’re blue in the face about how people should avoid summer travel and stick to the shoulder seasons, the fact remains that the time when most people are still going to travel is the summer. This could be driven by school schedules that only allow for extended vacations in the summer, or work schedules slowing down in the summer, or your own personal desire to only get out and about when it’s warm. Whatever the reason, summer is still the busiest travel season.

But even if you’re like the millions of others who’ll be headed out on vacation this summer, you can at least stand out from the crowd by learning how to find cheaper airfare for your trip.

Because summer travel is so popular, that’s also when travel tends to be most expensive. You don’t need to be a travel expert to notice that the deals you see advertised for cheap airline tickets to France in the winter are much better than the lowest prices you’ll find for similar flights in the summer. So unless you have enough miles to cash in for a ticket or you have buddy pass privileges from a flight attendant friend, you’ll end up spending more for summer airfare to many destinations than you would in the low season. That doesn’t mean you need to pay full price, however.

In this article you’ll find tips to help you find cheaper airfare for summer travel. Many of these tips will be helpful at other times of the year, too, as they’re just good tricks to finding cheap airfare anytime. But when you’re talking about a trip during the busiest travel season of the year, it becomes even more important to pay attention to tips like these to avoid paying too much for your air ticket.

How to Find Cheap Honeymoon Airfare

honeymoon1Ahh, love is in the air – everywhere you look around! At least that’s what it feels like when you’re thinking about your upcoming wedding. And for many couples, even if the headaches caused by wedding planning get to be overwhelming, at least there’s the delight of a honeymoon getaway to look forward to. If you love to travel and spend all your extra money on it, you’ll no doubt be excited about yet another excuse to get outta town. If you’re not a regular traveler you’re probably still giddy about your honeymoon – but you may need even more tips about saving money on the trip.

That’s where we come in.

The truth is that many of the tips you’ll read below about finding cheap airfare for your honeymoon are the same tricks we’d recommend you use any time you’re hunting for cheap airfare. These are tried-and-true methods of making sure you stand the best chance of not paying through the nose for an airline ticket. But when you’re traveling for your honeymoon, it can be even more important to pay attention to these things – because, above all, you don’t want an unexpectedly high price for an air ticket to sour the whole honeymoon experience for you.

Keep in mind that depending on where you’re going on your honeymoon (i.e. if you’re going somewhere really popular), some of these tips will become critical money-saving tools. Here are our best tips for how to find cheap airfare for your honeymoon.

How to Find Cheap Airfare to Bonnaroo

bonnaroo1The summer calendar is full of music festivals, but some stand out more than others. (And, as an aside, why do they all seem to have names that are impossible to spell?) The Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival is just one of the many fantastic multi-day music fests that take place during the summer, but this one usually has such an incredible lineup of performers that it’s a must-see for any serious music fan.

What makes it a little challenging, however, is that at first glance you’ll likely say, “Wait – Manchester, Tennessee? Where’s that?”

Unlike some summertime festivals, Bonnaroo takes place in a Tennessee city that – at any other time of year – has a population of just over 8,000. Since Bonnaroo started rolling into town in 2002, however, the local population is dwarfed for a few days each June by the number of festival-goers. In 2009, for instance, there were around 75,000 people who came in for the festival.

If you’re one of the people who’s planning a trip to the Bonnaroo Festival in 2010, then, you’ll want to be a savvy traveler – because obviously there are thousands of others who might just beat you to the cheapest fares. So here are the tips you’ll need to know to find cheap airfare to Bonnaroo.

>> Bonnaroo runs from June 7-12, 2012