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Ski Travel Deals

As any snow enthusiast can tell you, ski vacations are excellent – and expensive. Between the ski gear you need, the cost of checking an oversized bag of ski equipment, and lift tickets – not to mention the airfare and room at the ski resort – you’re talking about a hefty pricetag on any ski trip.

Which is why hunting for ski travel deals is so important if you’re one of those people who can’t stay off the slopes for long.

Here are a few posts that will help you scout out the best deals on a ski vacation, whether you’re looking for cheap airfare to get there, the best budget ski resorts, or how to save money on getting your stuff where you want to be.

Best Ski Vacation Destinations

When you’re planning a ski trip and you’re looking for the best ski destinations, you’re going to have a little trouble sorting through the search results. What, exactly, constitutes “best?” Does it have to do with the quality of the powder? The scenery around the slopes? The services at the resort? The availability of good rental equipment? The sort of ski lessons on offer?

As you can see, there are many things to consider when you’re looking for the “best” place for a ski vacation. Here are a few of the categories you may want to think about when planning your trip, and some ski resorts that fit the bill in each case.

Ski Vacation Travel Tips

No matter what kind of trip you’re planning, it’s always good to get travel tips beforehand. Learning about what the local food specialties are, or what gestures are offensive and should be avoided, or how to ask where the toilet is in the local lingo – these are all good things to know before you arrive in a new place. Even if you’re planning something as simple as a ski trip, there are things you probably know to look into before you get there.

But there are other things you might not consider until it’s too late – i.e., after you’ve booked your trip. The list below includes some of the things you should think about before you even book your ski trip.

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How to Find Cheap Ski Trip Airfare

While some people are content to chase the sun around the world when they travel, other people are more interested in cold weather destinations. Just as it’s always beach season somewhere, it’s always ski season somewhere, too.

Although typically summer tends to be one of the most expensive times to fly, because so many people travel specifically to ski there are many ski-centric destinations that experience their highest airfare levels in the winter. So looking for ways to save money on ski trip airfare is a good start to saving money on your vacation. Depending on where you’re going, you could find that airfare is at “low season” levels because the spot you’ve picked for skiing isn’t as popular – or you may find that the airfare is at near-peak prices. If fares are higher than you expected, you’ll be pleased to know there are some tricks you can use to avoid paying full price for your ski trip airfare.

Ski for Free in New Hampshire in January

balsams.jpgNot all ski vacations have to be a drain on your wallet. The Balsams Grand Resorts Hotel is offering up a sweet deal that includes free ski tickets if you stay at the hotel during weekdays in January. Not only will you save money, but you also won’t have to fight the weekend crowds on the slopes. Here are the details.

The BALSAMS Grand Resort Hotel
is offering an irresistible rate during the month of January. From
Sunday to Thursday, guests will have the opportunity to book the */Ski
Free Package/* for only $79 per night. This package includes lodging,
breakfast in the dining room, lift tickets to the alpine ski area, and
trail passes for cross-country skiing.

Located on 15,000 private acres in the Great North Woods high in New
Hampshire’s majestic White Mountains, The BALSAMS Grand Resort Hotel
takes full advantage of its unique geographic location and surrounding
wilderness to offer a world class experience to Nordic skiers second to
none. Ninety-five kilometers of cross country ski trails including 77
kilometers of impeccably groomed trails on diverse terrain and New
England’s most dependable snow conditions create the ideal experience
for cross country skiers of all ages and abilities.

In addition to Nordic skiing, The BALSAMS is known for its alpine ski
area featuring 16 trails and five glades with runs up to one mile long.
Families in particular will enjoy that all trails begin at the top of
the lift and end at the base lodge, making it easy to reconnect after runs.

Best Ski Resorts in the U.S. 2006-07

snowboard.jpgWinter is almost here and for many of us that can only mean one thing: skiing. During last year’s ski season, the U.S. ski industry set an all time record of 58.9 million skier visits. If the weather cooperates again this year, I would expect a new record again.

With so many choices for skiing and snowboarding, where should one go this winter? The cool kids at Orbitz have that answer with their list of the top ten ski resorts in the United States. It should come as no surprise that resorts in the powder heaven known as Colorado take up spots throughout the list.

1. Breckenridge, CO
2. Mammoth Lakes, CA
3. Lake Tahoe, CA
4. Park City, UT
5. Steamboat Springs, CO
6. Winter Park, CO
7. Jackson Hole, WY
8. Aspen, CO
9. Vail, CO
10. Snowmass, CO

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Happy skiing. Stay safe out there.

Wonderful Whistler, BC Winter Vacation Packages that will make you Whistle

whistler_11.jpgThe word is starting to get out that Whistler is one of the best ski resorts in North America. Located north of the wonderful city of Vancouver, Whistler will be the center of the sports universe when it hosts the downhill races at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

It rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest and as we like to say around here, rain in the valleys means snow in the mountains. Whistler gets plenty of the white stuff each winter and with a bevy of slopes it offers unparalleled skiing opportunities.

Alaska Airlines is running some excellent promotions on ski packages at Whistler this winter. The earlier you book, the more you save.

Killington, Vermont Ski Packages

killington.jpgWinter is coming to the United States and that can only mean one thing: skiing. Everyone knows that the best skiing around is found in the Rockies and the west coast, but that shouldn’t stop you from tearing it up in New England. One of the best mountains in the entire east coast is Killington. Located in the heart of Vermont’s Green Mountains, Killington has long trails that are both enticing for the expert and easy for the beginner. The mountain is within driving distance of Boston, New York and Burlington and there is plenty of fun stuff to do while you are not speeding down the slopes. Here’s a Killington deal that I think you’ll enjoy.