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If you think only hardcore sports fans travel across the planet to see their team play in a big tournament or a favorite player take the court or even teams they don’t follow participate in a big game – then you’re mistaken. Sporting events can be a great excuse to travel somewhere new, and it’s a great way to get involved in something that isn’t generally thought of as a mainstream tourist event.

There are sporting events that take place throughout the year and all over the world – here are a few, with links to more travel information for each. We’ll keep updating this page with more sporting events and tournaments, so be sure to check back.

Let us know what events and tournaments to add next by leaving a comment below!

Which are the best frequent flyer programs & hotel rewards programs?

baggageclaimWhen it comes to getting the best deal on things like airfare and hotels, sometimes it’s about more than scouring sites like this one to get the lowest price you can find. Sometimes it’s also about paying attention to what airline or hotel chain you’re using so that you can earn more points toward free stuff.

In days gone by, you really had to be a traveling salesman to even dream about racking up enough miles on flights to get a free airline ticket before your miles expired. But these days it’s much easier to earn free trips, since airlines and hotel chains have partnerships that let you earn miles and points for things besides flights and overnight stays.

Of course, not every airline is linked to every other airline, so it’s not a good idea to just sign up for every single frequent flyer program and hope that someday you’ll be able to link them all together for a free ticket to Tahiti. The same goes for hotel rewards programs, and if anything it’s even more true with hotels. While competing airlines are connected by “airline alliances,” hotel rewards programs typically only give points for stays within that hotel family.

In either case, whether you’re talking about air travel or hotel stays, if you’re looking into signing up to earn miles or points it’s best to do a little research ahead of time to make sure you’re signing up for the programs that will get you to free travel faster. To get you started, here are a couple of articles on the BootsnAll Business Travel Guide – one on the best frequent flyer programs, and another on the best hotel rewards programs. These provide an overview of the biggest rewards programs, plus links to more information about each one, so you can continue your research from there.

photo by Robert S. Donovan

JetBlue Shake up the New Years Sale: Fares start at $39

JetBlue SaleThe New Year just started and for the travelers it makes new opportunities to get to visit interesting places.

JetBlue is definitely going to help you cut the budget and do more travel with their first sale in 2010 one way fares start at $39.

Here are some examples of prices available throughout the sale:

  • From Aruba starting at $139
  • From Boston starting at $39/$44
  • From Chicago starting at $67/$79
  • From Fort Lauderdale starting at $49
  • From Las Vegas starting at $39/$49
  • From New York starting at $49/$59
  • From Orlando starting at $59

So if you plan to go on a Caribbean vacation or want to travel across the United States, JetBlue will help you find the best fare.

View more JetBlue Flight Deals.

Cheap vacations are just a click or two away with Southwest

roomy hotelThere are quite a few travel companies offering pretty good deals this time of year, but Southwest Vacations actually offers them all year round: Check out Southwest Airlines Vacations’ destinations. Find affordable air/hotel packages to exciting destinations from coast to coast.

If I was looking for a vacation package anywhere in America I would start with Southwest Vacations first. They do really well with getting discounted hotel rooms and such, but their best feature is they are able to combine their own cheap flights with bulk-priced hotel rooms in order to give you probably the best deal anywhere. They were smart enough to buy all their jet fuel way in advance, so they are still able to offer low prices without having to charge for water or for the overhead air thing either.

Finally some relief on international airfare prices!

sunset landingAfter having to practically apologize all summer long, because the best deals I was finding weren’t really all that great compared to any other time of year, it’s finally nice to have some really good deals to point out, like the fact that Lessno can save you a bunch of money on international flights: Get up to 40% Off International Flights at Lessno

This thing says they can save you up to 40% off, but if you look more closely at their site they offer some things at up to 50% off. I’m not sure exactly how these guys and a few other sites can get prices lower than the main travel sites, which tend to all have the same fares, but Lessno does it, and they have a good reputation as well.

Now United Vacations is slashing prices too

Mexico beachAs I scour the internet for the best deals I can find for my readers I’ve noticed a big trend in the last couple weeks, and this is great news for all of us: United Vacation Packages
We provide vacation destinations including the Caribbean, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Mexico and more.

I think it’s a combination of all the ominous talk of a recession in the United States combined with the end of the winter getaway season, but prices on these warm-weather vacations are crazy low at the moment.

The fine people at United Vacations have jumped into the fray by cutting around 35% off some of their normal prices. I think I’d be pretty unhappy if I just got back from a $2,000 trip to discover that people just now booking are getting the same trip for $1,300, but that seems to be what’s happening.

Funjet is ready for spring

Vegas skylineWe talked quite a bit about Funjet over the winter, and I just looked at some of their spring deals and I must say I continue to be impressed: Funjet Vacation Packages
We offer exciting vacation destinations including Las Vegas, Florida, Mexico, the Caribbean and more.

As the season transitions toward warmer weather they seem to be offering some excellent Las Vegas deals as part of their lineup, but they’ve also got great late-season deals to Mexico, Florida, and the Caribbean as well. It will be interesting what they offer as summer approaches, but for now they seem like an excellent one-stop site for great spring travel deals.

Sandals is making us an offer we can’t refuse

Sandals JamaicaI know it’s a little late in the season to think about an all-inclusive resort in the sun, but before you write the idea off have a look at this deal: Click Here to get up to TWO FREE NIGHTS at Sandals Resorts plus Save up to 50% off !

It’s like they are begging us to head down there, and while begging doesn’t work very often I think it will work this time.

Two free nights plus up to 50% off? If this was a leper colony I think I’d still be tempted to sign up as long as drinks were reasonably priced. It may seem too good to be true, but honestly at the Negril and Royal Caribbean locations they are offering two nights free and 45% off, and at many other locations it’s one free night and 50% off.

Expedia has done us all a favor

Cruise shipIf you are at all unsure of where you want to go, Expedia’s new Top Destinations page could really come in handy: Top Travel Deals at Expedia.com

Instead of poking around hoping for a good deal to the place you have in mind, now Expedia reverses the process and shows you all the places they have great deals for at the moment. I have some time off coming up soon and I’m not sure where I want to go, so a list like this is a godsend.

You can look at a scroll of all the hot deals on the top right corner of the page. How about a Holland America 7-night cruise for $449? I’ve been thinking about taking a cruise lately and I can’t believe prices are so low. Sure, I know it’s an interior cabin and there are a few extra charges in addition to that price, but that’s just a little over $60 per day!

The Caribbean season is winding down, and prices are really low

Caribbean beach againIf you’ve been thinking about taking a late winter vacation down to the Caribbean, the timing is pretty good at the moment because late-season specials are upon us: CHEAP CARIBBEAN VACATIONS

With all this talk of a recession in the United States, and around the world actually, it seems that many people have called off vacation plans, or have changed to holidays near home. The result of all this is that resorts in the Caribbean are now offering prices that are similar to their hurricane season prices, and yet the weather will be great down there for many more months to come!