Finding Adventure Travel Deals for Families

by Jessica

April 16th, 2010

familytravel12The words “adventure travel” might conjure up ideas for trips that you wouldn’t think would be very family-friendly, but there are definitely family adventure trips that are great for all ages. Of course, you know your family best, and will be the best judge of what activities your kids will be able to handle or how interested your family will be in any given activity. But the good news is that there’s a huge variety in the kinds of family adventure trips that are out there for you to choose from – and the definition of “adventure” is pretty broad, too.

For some people, a trip might not be an adventure trip if it didn’t include sleeping in a tent, peeing in the woods, or buying specialty gear for things like absailing or hang gliding. But luckily for traveling families, the definition of “adventure trip” can also include activities like day-hikes, cycling tours, guided rafting trips, and ski trips – and many more family-friendly activities besides that.

Finding family adventure travel deals can be as simple as booking a cheap family adventure vacation package trip or as complicated as doing all the research yourself and booking everything you need separately. The former is far easier and typically comes with on-the-ground support, and the latter offers a great deal more flexibility. Which option is right for you is something only you can decide – but here are some things to think about.

Cheap Family Adventure Package Trips

Package trips have the major benefit of letting you take care of several elements of your trip in one go – although what they cover will depend on the trip. You might get airfare, lodging, use of equipment, some meals, and ground transport included. You may get more than that. In any case, it’s important to know what – if anything – you’ll need to budget for when you’re on your trip that hasn’t been paid for in advance.

Another big factor that makes package trips more appealing when you’re talking about family adventure travel (as opposed to a simple trip that wouldn’t be considered an “adventure trip”) is that you’ll almost always get support from the company you book through in the destination itself. That means someone’s on hand to put your bike chain back on when it falls off in the middle of your cycling tour, give you skiing lessons before pushing you down the mountain, or carry your gear from campsite to campsite. That kind of thing might cost more than if you did a similar trip by yourself, but that might also be the difference between a happy family adventure trip and an unhappy one.

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Cheap Do-It-Yourself Family Adventure Trips

If your kids are old enough or adventurous enough – and you’re adventurous enough, for that matter – that you don’t feel like you need the added support of a tour company on your family adventure trip, then you can definitely plan a DIY trip. Booking a trip by yourself will require more homework on research on your part, and can also save you quite a bit of money because you’re not paying a tour company to do what you can handle yourself.

In addition to potentially saving you on your overall family travel budget, booking an adventure trip yourself instead of going through a tour means you have the utmost flexibility. Are you so enjoying a particular town and the hiking or biking opportunities around it that you want to stay a few more days? Did someone in the family get sick or just plain tired, requiring a change in the level of daily activity? Those adjustments aren’t possible on a tour (not without paying a penalty, that is), but you’re in charge when you’re on a DIY trip.

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    Taking a trip with kids in tow can be a bit of a headache sometimes. I don’t think I would recommend touring with a group. Unless your children are well behaved. After all kids will be kids.

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