Travelocity Airline Tickets

by Roger Wade

November 27th, 2007

Travelocity is one of the easiest sites to shop for airline tickets, but sometimes it’s hard to know you are getting the best deal possible on the best ticket for you. This short guide will give you some tips on how to use Travelocity to quickly find not only the lowest priced airline ticket, but also the airline ticket that actually works best for you.

It helps to know the base price

In these days when computers set all ticket prices you’ll have a big advantage if you know what the minimum price for your flight is early in the shopping process. In almost all cases, airline tickets for each route during a period will start out at the same price and then as more seats on each flight are sold the price for the remaining tickets goes up. If you can find out what the minimum price is for that route you’ll know if the price you are quoted is a good deal or not.

Use Travelocity’s tools to find out the minimum price

The easiest way to determine how your airline ticket price stacks up against the minimum possible price is to check for prices on a group of dates before and after your ideal dates. Put your information into the Travelocity search box and then click on the +/- 1 to 3 days button in the middle of the page. Then drag the slider to the right of each date down until it says +/- 3 days.€ This will check for tickets on days 3 days before through 3 days after your ideal dates on both ends.

A few seconds later you are looking at a grid of ticket prices, with your ideal dates highlighted in the center columns. Now scan all the prices on this list to get a general range of possible prices for this ticket. If your ideal dates show a price that is similar to most of the others you’ll know you are getting a good deal so you can pick those dates from this screen and continue on with your purchase. But if your ideal dates are showing a price that is significantly higher than some of the other ticket prices on the grid you’ll know that these tickets have gone up in price already so you might want to look at other options.

Travelocity makes is very easy to check all the surrounding dates in just a few seconds so at least you’ll know if your price is in the right ballpark or not. If your ideal trip is leaving on a Friday and returning on a Sunday chances are those flights will be more expensive than the days just before and just after, but you won’t know that unless you look at them all at once. If Friday through Sunday is $200 more expensive than some of the other options you can now see if Saturday morning or Monday morning flights, for example, would be worth it to you for the price difference.

Another tool if your dates really are flexible

Instead of the +/- 1 to 3 days button you can click the Flexible Dates button to find out more general ticket price information. After clicking that box Travelocity will ask you to choose a beginning month and an ending month for your search. After clicking on Search Flights Travelocity will show a list of airlines and their lowest prices for any dates within these months. The prices don’t always include all taxes and fees and you have to start over to actually make a booking, but this can provide some interesting information to compare the price you are being quoted to the absolute lowest ticket prices for those cities.

Also check other airports

Usually the largest airports have the lowest airline ticket prices, but not always. Sometimes airlines will have special deals to smaller airports or deals that may be sold out at the larger airports. Before you book your ticket you can quickly search up to three airports on each end to see if any of these deals exist for your dates. Click on Compare surrounding airports after you enter your ideal dates and on the next screen Travelocity will allow you to select up to three airports in each area.

There isn’t much point in checking tiny airports with very little commercial traffic, but it’s worth checking all the airports on each end that ever might have fare sales. The next screen will list all the combinations using these different airports and the lowest ticket price for each one. Even if you aren’t willing to use a different airport this can be interesting information. Often you’ll find much lower prices using different airports and if this is the case you’ll know that your ticket price is not the best combination. But if your chosen airports are equal to or below the other combinations you can be even surer that your airline ticket is the best one for you.


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