Travelocity coupon & promotional codes

by Roger Wade

December 3rd, 2007

Current Travelocity promotions

All Inclusive Vacations: Flight + 4 Nights Hotel From $637

Europe on Sale! Flight + Hotel as low as $719

Let It Ride in Las Vegas. Flight + Hotel Starting at $182

Caribbean Getaways! Flight + Hotel as low as $646

Getting discounts through Travelocity

The good news is that there are quite a few different ways of saving money on travel using Travelocity. They are always running various seasonal promotions and other deals, so by looking around you can always find something tempting to consider. The bad news is that it’s virtually impossible to get any kind of a real discount off the lowest available fares or hotel room rates. Profit margins for booking sites are so low that they can’t afford to find you the cheapest possible ticket and then take another $20 or $50 off that with a coupon or promotional code.

But back to the good news – Travelocity has access to nearly every flight, hotel room, or car rental in the world, and by packaging these things together they can take advantage of the low costs of running a Web site and give you some really good deals that aren’t available elsewhere. See the group above for some current examples, but check back often because new promotions come and go all the time.

You’ll typically see a lot of early-season package deals to ski areas or beach resort areas, but Travelocity also has really good packages to Europe or Mexico and even some more exotic destinations. You’ll see some really good discounts on out-of-season hotels, but some surprisingly good deals on in-season travel also come up quite often.

How Travelocity coupons & promotional codes work

When these travel-booking sites first launched, many of them, including Travelocity, had introductory specials that were in the form of coupons or promotional codes that you enter near the end of the booking process that would take a further discount off your already-low price. Those days are pretty much over, but today there is a cottage industry of sites that promise Travelocity coupons and promotional codes as their only feature.

Unfortunately, in almost every case these promotional codes are for very specific offers on package deals. When you try to enter them into Travelocity even for that exact deal, more often than not the site says the code is expired or invalid. This can be very frustrating until you realize that almost all of the promotions are actually available with no promotional code at all, and are available to the public on normal pages on the Travelocity site.

We’ll keep an updated list of some of the better current Travelocity promotions on the top of this page. Some of them will also be available if you hunt around on the Travelocity site, but others are exclusive deals that they offer only through travel sites like this one.

Sadly, you’ll almost never find a promotional code that takes a further discount off the lowest priced flight you can find. And if there ever is a promotion that does that you can bet that we’ll post it on the top of the page as soon as we hear about it.

For more information on how to get the lowest possible price on your flight check out our page on Travelocity Airline Tickets.


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